New editors!

Hi! So I announced the new editors in their respective novel updates but would like to make an official welcome post (you can read their bio in our about page)

A large welcome to Dudduls, Shirubame, Animestar44 and redxx joined my harem generously volunteered to help me manage my projects. Dudduls will be helping me with The Basketball Captain is Determined to Date Me, Shirubame will be helping me with Slag Shou Cultivating Manual, Animestar44 Small Clingy Embrace, and redxx on a future project 😉

Since I now have golden fingers editors, this will help increase my cultivation speed release rates and keep me out of the crossfire of 2D villains Grammar Nazis lol

[Western BL Movie] Call Me By Your Name

This mushroom saw this amazing BL movie (I’m late I know- in my defence I was legit tired of watching disappointing English films so I Long gave up on it). But this one was so fluffy and cute and made my heart flutter.

I highly recommend but I do have to warn that it’s not HE (urghyeah I know though). I swear you won’t regret it.

I’ll just leave this here….

I’m moving…& do you like the new dark theme?

~*^_^*~ Finally getting my own (small) place! Now this small mushroom can cultivate peacefully by its lonesome~

I know I’ve been spoiling you guys and updating madly these past weeks and this might slow down soon T^T … don’t cry, don’t cry my daughters ku ku~

BTW do you guys like the dark theme? I love it but wondering if it’s convenient for readability during the day. I want everyone to feel at home~